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What is your service area?

Our headquarters are in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. We serve residents and commercial properties within a 100-mile radius of the Twin Cities metro, including Minneapolis and Saint Paul. If you're not sure you're in our service area, give us a call! Also you can find our location.


Can you add insulation on top of my existing attic insulation?

Yes, we can add additional insulation in your attic.  However, you want to make sure you have proper attic air sealing and ventilation before adding additional insulation.  Contact us for more information.


Can I purchase insulation products from you?

Quality Insulation does not sell products for wholesale.  We would be happy to provide our professional services and install any insulation product you are looking to purchase. Visit the services page to get started.


Can you stop my ice dams?

Attic air sealing and proper attic insulation will help reduce the formation of ice dams.  However, some ice damns occur naturally because of our extreme weather conditions in Minnesota.  Contact us for more information.


How much insulation is required in my attic?

The current Minnesota State Code requires a minimum of R-49 attic insulation. Additional insulation may benefit your project to meet rebate requirements or federal tax credits.  Contact us for more information.


What does R-Value stand for?

R-Value stands for resistance to heat flow.  The higher the R-Value of the product, the more it resists heat flow.  The R-value can work inversely by resisting cooling flow.


What types of insulation do you install?

We install all insulation types. The most popular types of insulation are fiberglass & spray polyurethane foam.  Vist our products page for details.


Are there any rebates available for reinsulation?

Yes! Currently, there are rebates available from your local utility companies. For more information visit our reinsulation page.


How long does it take to reinsulate my attic?

The average attic reinsulation job can be completed in 1 day.  More complex or large attics can take up to 2-3 days to complete.


How much does it cost to reinsulate my attic?

Every attic is unique and therefore requires a custom insulation proposal.  Please contact us today to schedule an estimate appointment.



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