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Loosefill Fiberglass

Loosefill (blown) fiberglass is most commonly used in attic spaces, but can also be used to make a custom batt for wall cavities or to fill tight framing.  Loosefill fiberglass can conform to any size or shape, making it a flexible product for any area of your home.  We use Owens-Corning loosefill fiberglass because it is one of the industry’s highest-rated products in resistance to heat flow.  This provides your insulation job with the highest performance with less material.

Fiberglass Batts

Fiberglass batts are the most economical form of insulation.  They are premade to a certain thickness and height, depending on the framing and room size.  In general, the thicker the insulation the better the insulation, however, the density of the batt matters.  We at Quality Insulation will determine which type of batt will fit the insulation system you’re looking to achieve.

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